What are Carbon Offsets content

What are Carbon Offsets

A carbon offsets is a tradable certificate representing the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas.

There are two types of carbon offsets:

  • Voluntary emissions reduction (VER): used in voluntary markets for credits.
  • Certified emissions reduction (CER): created through a regulatory framework with the purpose of offsetting a project's emissions.


Singapore does not have a regulated carbon market so only VERs are applicable in the local context.

Carbon offsets fulfill their purpose when they are retired to offset Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.


  • The retirement is made permanent by the accredited registry on behalf of the organisation that is offsetting its emissions.
  • Carbon offsets are proof of actions and can be used by any organisation to offset its carbon emissions.
  • Carbon offsets are best used to complement an organisation’s sustainability efforts, to offset unavoidable carbon-emitting activities. 

Carbon Offsets on PowerSelect content

Carbon Offsets on PowerSelect

Carbon offsets vary by countries, vintages (year it was created) and technologies. Below are examples of the different types of technologies:




Energy Efficiency


Forest & Land Use


Household Devices



We offer a wide variety of carbon credits/offsets from a large number of suppliers from all around the world, so you can select one that best suit your needs.

A sampling of the carbon offsets we offer include:


Technology Country
Wind India
Wind Philippines
Energy Efficiency Laos
Agriculture Forestry and other land use Indonesia
Afforestation China
Energy Efficiency China
Solar India
Agriculture Forestry and other land use Papua New Guinea


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