What are RECs

What are RECs

A REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) originates from electricity from a renewable energy source

One REC can offset 1MWh of electricity consumed by users from conventional sources, allowing the users to declare the use of renewable energy

For Sellers, we provide a convenient and easy platform for you to sell your RECs. If required, we can also facilitate the accreditation of your RECs with international registries like APX TIGRs or I-REC.

For Buyers, we offer RECs from a wide range of projects supporting strong climate action outcomes and Sustainable Development Goals. We provide services for the procurement, redemption and certification of RECs for your company to offset its electricity consumption and claim usage of green energy.

Benefits of Rec

Benefits of RECs

How can Renewable Energy Certificates help the environment and my business?

  • Through RECs, you demonstrate your commitment to and champion the adoption of renewable energy as an integral part of your energy portfolio. This contributes to your Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR) strategy, and supports Singapore’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to reduce carbon emissions under the COP25 Paris Agreement.
  • When you buy RECs, you enhance the revenue, profitability and bankability of current renewable energy projects, which in turn encourages even more future investments in such projects.

  • With growing ECSR awareness in the business community, companies with good sustainability practices are increasingly favored by investors, shareholders and clients.
Sample Projects in List

Solar PV Farm


Solar PV Rooftop


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